Nature Type(s): Wind, Earth

Kekkei genkai: Hitomi (Dojutsu) Weapons: standard ninja tools, Medical Ninja Tools, Scythe’s, Boomerang’s

Clan Members

Kimiko Uzuki Hideaki Uzuki


Uzuki Harvest Festival (Shokuji no mochikomi)

The Uzuki Harvest Festival, or Shokuji no Mochikomi; is one of the largest celebrations held by the Uzuki Clan, considering the clan is responsable for over 80% of Yorugakure’s crops and food the Uzuki’s hold a massive feast in their 132 mile span garden, the best delecasy (in place of the american traditional turky) the Uzuki’s feast on Pheasent and Fish, as well as a large variety of fruits, vegetables, and simple snacks brought from the village. The day is filled mostly with eating, and games, as well as some entertainment. The festival is held November 27 of every year.

Festival of Vitality 

The Festival of Vitality is celebrated every 4 years in the Velushia Gardens, which is located near the south gate. This festival is one for spirituality, and cleansing, and is a day of peace for the members of the Uzuki Clan. The day consists of Meditation, and relaxation; and various soothing activities (Things along the line of getting a massage or going to a spa), this festival is held every 4 years on October 14. 

Festival of the Dragon

Just the like Festival of Vitality, the Festival of the Dragon is a spiritual holiday for the Uzuki Clan, who worship Dragons like gods. Additionally, the Festival of the Dragon is held every 2 years, and is hosted in the Forbbiden Sector of the Land of Fear, near Mondai Temple. The day consists of simple activities, until 5:00PM, then a competition begins, to test the physical endurance of every clan member by fighting the current Kuraikage, this festival is held every 2 years on December 1.

Personality Traits

Most members of the Uzuki Clan are either fun loving or completely rational like machines, they are often conflicted or unsure of who they are, and have a hard time deciding weather to be rational, or weather to enjoy life pleasures.

Physical Traits

Most of the Uzuki Clan are light skinned or tanned, and have either blue or green eyes. Usually, members of the Uzuki Clan are rather tall and thin, fast, and surprisingly strong. Blonde and Brown are the most common hair color’s for members of the Uzuki Clan.

Base Jutsu

  • High Dragon Mind Reading
  • High Dragon Mind Transfer Jutsu
  • Sight-by-Blind Jutsu
  • Uzuki Secret Technique: Dragon Phantom Sweep
  • Uzuki Secret Technique: Ghost Dragon Oblivion

Base Stats

Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Stats 3.5 3.5 3.5 4 3.5 4 3 3.5 28.5


  • -The Uzuki Clan is rumored to be closely related to both the Uzumaki and Yamanaka Clans. 
  • -Most members of the Uzuki Clan can use Yamanaka secret techniques, or have large amounts of chakra like the Uzumaki Clan, some even have both (from birth). 


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