The Utsugan is an extremely rare dojutsu that is said to only appear once every 15 generations to a Jugo Clan descendant. It is so rare in fact it was completely buried in the past and is left forgotten. Then only known wielder of the Utsugan is Kaein Sarutobi . It is said that it only mysteriously gets inherited to a human if the soul is in extreme anguish after the age of 15, and awakens under extreme body conditioning. This dojutsu is currently manifested into Kaein Sarutobi . He trained taijutsu to the point where it is compared to Rock Lee , and had awakened in a full moon night among a nightmare. Around Ashura and Indra 's era, it was known as the "venerable eye of punishment".


Devan Cancel

This ability upon activation in the left eye - disables all the opponents kekkei genkai/tota abilities, from one look in the opponents eyes. It prevents the simultaneous combination of different chakra natures to create a kekkei genkai move. Not only that, it also renders all dojutsu and bloodline abilities useless, since it blocks the brains signals to the dojutsu, simply putting the abilities to no use. However, using Devan Cancel will put a lot of strain on Kaein's left eye, as the longer he uses the this ability of blocking all kekkei genkai, the more quicker his chakra gets drained. Not only that, the Utsugan however cannot block Sage abilities, such as absorbing and utilising natural energy .

Trick Room

This ability upon activation in the right eye, grants the user the ability to instantly teleport wherever his eyes can see within a 35 yard radius. Once cast, the Utsugan user can only teleport within a visible red circle seen from only his eyes, that does not change even if he moves from the spot cast. The teleportation ability within the area can be used infinitely and as fast as the user can think. The teleportation is considered to be even better than Minato Namikaze's, within the 35 yard radius. However, extended use of this ability eventually leads to blindness. The safest bet in using this ability is of a 3 minute duration, any more than that and the ability will make the eyes see more blurrier and blurrier until eventual blindness.

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