• Sir Aether

    With the end of the Team Training arc, it is time to decide on how the PreGen story should go. Post any thoughts that you may have on the direction that you think the story should go. Also, which one of us is up for writting the next arc?

    Ok after a week i have some ideas

    • A week after the "treasure hunt" between the two teams, Team Cho Li gets redeployed (im thinking near Amegakure this time).
    • They do some miscellaneous missions for the camp (a small camp), and while on one of these missions, it gets attacked by Mizo.
    • This leaves the group stranded in a foreign country, forcing them to make their way to another camp while avoiding or battling enemy forces. 

    Tell me what y'all think and I hope to see some of your ideas.

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  • Sir Aether

    Team Matsuo Interactions

    September 2, 2015 by Sir Aether

    Hey guys, i created this blog here to see how our character Suzume, Nuno, Satori and Akari would interact with eachother as a team. In the comments we could discuss how the characters would react to eachother when the team is formed, social/training interactions and just overall what they think of eachother.

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  • Sir Aether

    Sanger Hiden Project

    July 14, 2015 by Sir Aether

    Sir Aether here. As some of you guys know, all of the Naruto Hiden novels are out (all are not fully translated yet though) so I thought that I would make a page of my own Naruto Hiden. 

    The basic plot of the page will involve some terrorists killing kekkei genkai users from various villages and a task force is put together to eliminate said terrorists. What im wondering is if anybody wishes to create a character for me to put into the story. If so I have a few guidelines.

    • I will be in charge of the overall plot, but since it will be your character you are in charge of Name, abilities, personallity, appearance, etc.
    • The character can be a major, minor, protagonistic or antagonistic character.
    • Said characters could also be from any of my own cl…
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  • Sir Aether

    Hey Kusa, Blossoms, Read Books and TheShape, Sir Aether here. As you have seen i've been working on the land of wind arc (making up more villains) and i've made this post to ask you all a question. Do you wish for me to continue to make write the rest of the arc (mainly Team Cho li vs. Team Kosa) or do each of you to write your own fights involving your characters. Also if you just want me to keep writing, could you tell me if there is any particular way you want the fight to play out? 

    Current Plans

    • Seina vs. Kusari : Basically a fight of Swift vs Magnet Release. The plan is for Kusari using a magnetized chain to prevent Seina from getting close, and also using a magnetic field to prevent metallic weapons from being effective. After running…
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  • Sir Aether

    PreGen: Plot Discussion

    January 31, 2015 by Sir Aether

    Ok so since the meeting didn't work out and that each of us has a different schedule, why don't we come up with plot ideas in the comments section. So what will happen is if somebody has a plot idea, they make a comment and we reply to it. If they have another idea, they will create a new comment and we comment on that, and so on. 

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