I am not the best with words but hopefully you all understand what I wish to say. On this wiki I see alot of characters that possess kekkei genkai (not that this is a bad thing) yet many of the canon KG such as the Steel, Scorch and Dark Release do not possess many techniques to their names. What i propose to help remedy this situation is the Kekkei Genkai Project, the goals of which I will outline below.

Goals of the Project

  • To create pages for KG that lack many techniques to their name that anybody may use for their characters.
  • To create techniques for some of the more popular KG to help diversify its abilities.
  • To hopefully get people who have never or rarely created their own jutsu pages to create some.

All in all, what I am asking for the people of this wiki is to create some jutsu pages that are free for anybody to use so that certain KG can get some more love than they currently get.

High Priority Kekkei Genkai

Boil Release

Dark Release

Explosion Release



Magnet Release

Scorch Release

Steel Release

Storm Release


Swift Release


Lower Priority Kekkei Genkai



Crystal Release

Ice Release


Lava Release






Wood Release

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