Ok this took me alot longer (ok that might be an understatement) to finish the arc than it should have, but its done and its time for another one of us to pick up the torch. If you guys have any questions about anything just ask and ill answer. Also if you feel like any changes need to be made to the arc feel free to suggest any.

Now without further ado, we need to figure out how is going to be in charge of writing the next arc and possibly brainstorm some ideas. I have a couple of ideas but i'd rather wait for you guy's impute before going into details

Also, i don't think i have mentioned this, but im glad this project got put together. This has been some of the most fun ive had on this website and it has led to the creation of so many good characters. I hope that you guys have been having fun as well.



Sir Aether's Ideas

  • Henso, Mizo and/or Seisa being used as the arc villans.
  • Kotaro's brothers Nakamura and Nagao being in more focus.
  • Team Matsuo making a return.

KusaNin's Ideas

  • Early days for Danzo's Root.

BlossomsCherry's Ideas

  • A traitor in the group that found Team Cho Li. Possibly leads to the death of another character.

Read Books' Ideas

Character Development Ideas

  • Kotaro loosing his left arm and later obtaining an artificial limb.
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