Ok so far for ideas for this arc we got the team potentially meeting a young Nagato, Kakuzu. Any ideas on who your characters would react to meeting them. Also do you guys have any more

Current plans

  • Team Cho Li gets deployed to to the country Amegakure is in.
  • After X amount of time, the base the team was in is destroyed by Mizo (and maybe Henso) while they were on a scouting mission, leaving them stranded behind enemy lines.
  • At some point the team will meet a young Nagato, his parents and possibly Kakuzu.

Edit (6/9/2016)

Today i got the first part of the arc done. Long story short, one week after the last arc Team Cho Li is told that that they are being deployed to Amegakure the next day. After they talk, each teammember goes to back and talk to family. At this point you guys can write what they do for the rest of the day. The next day the team meets at Konoha's front gate and begins the journey to Amegakure.

Edit (8/7/2016)

Ok so this is the news that you guys probobly do not want to hear, but im a bit stuck in the story. I'm at the point in the story where team cho li (cho li is present this time) has returned from a delivery mission only to find their base destroyed. At some point i plan to have Cho Li get seperated (likely stalling Henso or Mizo) while heading back to the base where they delivered supplies. I was wonder if you guys have any ideas for what team cho li should do after leaving the original destroyed base.

With any luck i can get over this roadblock soon and continue with the story.

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