I figured that after making two icons (some time ago) that i would show how I made them.

  • First you will need the empty base image , that you will need to save on to your computer somewhere. Thank you MayaXD for providing the base image to me all that time ago.
  • Next you will need to go to Sumo Paint and open the base image from your computer. Next you will need to go to the layers section (at the bottom right of the page), right click on the picture there and then click "duplicate layer". Now you should have two sections in the "layer".
  • The next step will have you adding the color to the base picture. You will need to click the "circlie icon" on the tools section. Then you will need to click on the fill box (which will be under the adjustments tab near the top). From there you can mess with the color however you want. Once you have the color you want, use the circle tool to make a big circle in the middle of the base and expand it to beyond the base image. You will have something that looks like a big square of color.
  • To get the icon shape added you will need to go to your layers section and drag the second image so that it is infront of the colored image. It should look like a big box of color with the original base shape in it.
  • Next you will need to get rid of the excess color. This can be done by using the "paint bucket tool" and either using a white color or a light gray color (f2f2f2). Using the "paint bucket tool", click outside of the base image. This will clear up most of the excess color but not all of it.
  • To get the rest of the excess color that will be outlining your image, you will need to go to the info/zoom section and zoom in (this is done by putting in a number percentage with larger numbers meaning a bigger zoom in). This part is time consuming, and if you mess up, just use the undo tab (the arrow facing left) at the bottom of the tools section.
  • Once everything is cleaned up, its time to add the japanese character. Click on the text tool (the big T), then click on you icon image. This will open up the box where you will copy and paste (from a translator) your specific character. The text size will need to be adjusted, centered and the font color changed. The font color adjuster should be directly underneath the filters tab near the top of the page.
  • Once you have your final product, you can use an image capture tool (i use snipping tool) to get an "image" of your icon.
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