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    I am not the best with words but hopefully you all understand what I wish to say. On this wiki I see alot of characters that possess kekkei genkai (not that this is a bad thing) yet many of the canon KG such as the Steel, Scorch and Dark Release do not possess many techniques to their names. What i propose to help remedy this situation is the Kekkei Genkai Project, the goals of which I will outline below.

    • To create pages for KG that lack many techniques to their name that anybody may use for their characters.
    • To create techniques for some of the more popular KG to help diversify its abilities.
    • To hopefully get people who have never or rarely created their own jutsu pages to create some.

    All in all, what I am asking for the people of this wiki…

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  • Sir Aether

    Ok this took me alot longer (ok that might be an understatement) to finish the arc than it should have, but its done and its time for another one of us to pick up the torch. If you guys have any questions about anything just ask and ill answer. Also if you feel like any changes need to be made to the arc feel free to suggest any.

    Now without further ado, we need to figure out how is going to be in charge of writing the next arc and possibly brainstorm some ideas. I have a couple of ideas but i'd rather wait for you guy's impute before going into details

    Also, i don't think i have mentioned this, but im glad this project got put together. This has been some of the most fun ive had on this website and it has led to the creation of so many good…

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    Welcome everbody, to the very first NarutoOriginals hunger games! Using this idea that i got (stole) from the one piece wiki, i decided that it would be funny if we hosted our own hunger games, with our very own users fighting in a battle to the death. I SirAether, shall commentate, organize, and participate in these games. Without further ado, let the games begin!

    • Because this is the internet and i don't know anybody's genders, i decided to randomly assign people's genders using a dice. 1-3 = male and 4-6 = female.
    • Sadly i was unable to get our icons added to the contestants names.

    And there off! Yasuko gets the first kill within a minute by violently snapping HEXX's neck from behind, while poor Blossoms gets strangled to death with a backpa…

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    I figured that after making two icons (some time ago) that i would show how I made them.

    • First you will need the empty base image , that you will need to save on to your computer somewhere. Thank you MayaXD for providing the base image to me all that time ago.
    • Next you will need to go to Sumo Paint and open the base image from your computer. Next you will need to go to the layers section (at the bottom right of the page), right click on the picture there and then click "duplicate layer". Now you should have two sections in the "layer".
    • The next step will have you adding the color to the base picture. You will need to click the "circlie icon" on the tools section. Then you will need to click on the fill box (which will be under the adjustments…
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    Ok so far for ideas for this arc we got the team potentially meeting a young Nagato, Kakuzu. Any ideas on who your characters would react to meeting them. Also do you guys have any more

    • Team Cho Li gets deployed to to the country Amegakure is in.
    • After X amount of time, the base the team was in is destroyed by Mizo (and maybe Henso) while they were on a scouting mission, leaving them stranded behind enemy lines.
    • At some point the team will meet a young Nagato, his parents and possibly Kakuzu.

    Today i got the first part of the arc done. Long story short, one week after the last arc Team Cho Li is told that that they are being deployed to Amegakure the next day. After they talk, each teammember goes to back and talk to family. At this point you …

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