Hey guys! I have come here to see how this wiki is doing and I see that the pages here aren't that great. I have also noticed that it seems that no one is ever on. Well, I bring in news of another fanon that does have a small community that is still growing. We aim for Quality and not Quantity. We have staff members that are on the chat, and are willing to help those who seek it.

On we constantly make new pages and Roleplay's and we have more freedom than most other Naruto Fanon's. Of course, we have some policies so that things never get Overpowered over there. We make sure that all users are having a great time and will never be left out.

If you are interested in joining, please go onto the chat of and look for Me, SageofDespair, Boredfan1, and ISavage as these are the most active members and are all Admins of the site. Hope to see you!

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