I've been debating this for a while.

But, in Kurei's page I decided to take manga summaries and inject Kurei's info in there. I had a lot of fun going through all the manga chapter she could have been in, if canon. It was a good excerzie to decide little details I wouldn't have thought about otherwise.

However, it's been brought to my attention that this has added a lot of length. Length which seems undeserierable/daunting? I'm worried about that, I want it to be appealing and encourage people to read about her. Though, no matter what I do, lenght is kind of a thing with me, I love the details.

So, question is, do I leave them (manga chap summaries) and finish them out -have not even gotten to the war yet- or do I just switch to Arc summaries, as per standard? 

I don't mind changing, I'll do whatever is in the best interest of my character page. But I seriously can not make up my mind on this.


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