Not too sure how to create a fancy blog post, but I'd love to share my OC with you all.

Miyuki Natsumoto

When Miyuki was a child,the Hidden Leaf was confronted with a secret and highly forbidden program that took ordinary children and turned them into murderers. The ones in charge of this secret organization didn't seek these children out for the protection of the village but for a more sinister purpose. They wanted to create the ultimate shinobi born to kill even if it meant risking their own life. Unfortunately for the Natsumoto clan, the heir of their clan, Miyuki, had fallen victim to this secret organization. Due to the clan's bloodline ability, her clan was sought out. The Reyukii is similar to both the sharingan and the byakugan, however not
completely. The Reyukii can detect enemies from a mile away and can control an enemies chakra in an instant. That is how far a normal Reyukii goes, but unbeknownst to Miyuki, the severe training and torture conducted by the leaders of the organization, turned her eyes into a weapon of mass destruction. She is able to kill anyone who is caught in her line of sight, cracking their bones and twisting their nerves until they die. Although Miyuki could now use this to crush anyone who stood in her way, she hated herself for doing so. Being raised to not have emotion, to destroy those in her way, did not settle too well with her. She decided to escape back to The Leaf and resume life with her parents. Unfortunately they were gone, along with her clan. There was no trace of them to be found, leaving Miyuki alone with her tainted eyes.
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