Hi guys!

So, after I meditated quite some time on creating a criminal organization, I finally decided to do it.  So I decided the followings: 

The name of the organization is Akkorokamui, a term which describes a gigantic octopus-like monster ( The name is an allegorical reference to the society's organizational structure ( Leader -> Main Members -> Associates: Informats, advisors, specialists, affiliated societies, etc.) and their role in influencing the villages's politics, decisions, plans. So their plan is to dominate world at poilitical level.

The organization is decided for the Next Gen, but has roots in Part II, more in the Epilogue.

The organization consists of 1 leader (I have his design, but I do not have ideas for his name, so you can make suggests), 6 members (of which one of them is a co-leader) and associates (who have minor roles). The members can come from different villages (even the ones which are pure fandom). I already have to members: Ryuu Toshiro and Ayumu Daichi.

The wardrobe, well, I made a general sketch of it. It consists of a black hooded cloak with the wearer's face being covered by a white mask with various designs, horns, similar to those wore by the Anbu forces, but on them, the members have printed the organization's symbol.

For the moment, I only require the basic information of the characters you want to use, because I want to creat the page. So..please give me the OC's: name (gender and age eventually) and village of origin. 

If you have any questions or suggestions please tell me. I will be interested especially in your suggestions and opinions.

You can also contact me on my FB page: Maya XD, deviantart account: or on my talk page. 

Thank you for taking time to read this! :)

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