Hi everyone,

I'm currently recruiting ocs for my clans: 

Akiyama Clan
Fujimura Clan
Mizushima Clan
Sugimori Clan

For the moment I only need names, and basic info, not really any designs. (But if you actually want to put a design to them, go for it! Just make sure to read the info for the clan, I usually put some things relating to their design in them.)


Akiyama Clan

  1. Must be deceased
  2. Will not have Blast Release
  3. Must be Iwagakure nin
  4. Does not have to use Secret Technique: Bone Bind, but they do have knowledge on how to use it
  5. There is a main branch and a side branch
  6. No limit on chakra nature

Fujimura Clan

  1. Takigakure nin
  2. There is a main branch and a side branch. Side branch members are criticized/ostrecized/segragated like they were in the Hyuga clan.
  3. Dark skinned, uniquely colored eyes (for design purposes)
  4. No limit on chakra nature

Mizushima Clan

  1. No limit to what chakra nature
  2. Konoha nin
  3. If your OC is a Jōnin, they are to have either Water Style: Immense Cooling or Fire Style: Forge Heat depending on the second chakra nature they learn to become Jōnin. These two jutsus are only used for forging! They are not to have both, unless, their first affinity chakra nature is Fire or Water. (For example, Kaitō's affinity is water, but he learned Fire Style: Forge Heat once becoming Jōnin rank)
  4. This clan does not have a kekkei genkei
  5. No member is to be defected from Konoha

Sugimori Clan

  1. I have the average heights for adult males and females on the page, please stick to this.
  2. Yamagakure nin 
  3. No defected ocs
  4. Mortar Release
  5. No limit on chakra nature

So yeah! :D I honestly for the time being only need names to bulk up my pages and to possibly give family members / extended members a role in my oc's plots :3 Feel free to leave a message on my talk page, (here if there are comments enabled, I dunno!), note me on dA, or message me on my tumblr.

--Love-Inspired (talk) 19:06, May 15, 2015 (UTC)

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