Finally finished my first edit after I came back. Phew, that took me a long while. I spent maybe 3-5 hours editing it? Ok, most of that time was spent procrastinating, but still...

Ōkami Ikimono: Finished. Jesus, this took me a long time. The OC itself Nothing that really stood out as bad/sue-ish, but she could use some tweaking. I do like the concept though, a clan specialised in summoning animals. I'm glad I was able to edit.

Will probably work on the other's in my to-do list another time. For now, it's 4:45 am, and it's time to sleep. -__- For some reason I seem to edit reaaallly late at night.

Ooh, I should probably work on that draft of an OC I've been planning to do for a while...better late than never. :P

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