Hey guys :)

Recently I've noticed that the story for my characters has been getting stuck whenever I try to come up with next-gen stuff. This is mostly because I haven't seen the Boruto movie yet, or got caught up on the novels to get an idea of the next-gen layout (I don't read manga, so that route's not an option either). All I have is what was setup from my Shippuden story. A large part of this setup is my main character Kazō becoming the Grass Village's head diplomat (and representative for the Shinobi Union, now that I've read Shikamaru's hiden).

Now that I have him in this position, I had wanted to make various scenarios where he interacts/negotiates with other vilages. But I couldn't quite come up with anything that wasn't just generic meetings. For Shippuden and the first series, I could use the canon story to guide my thoughts, but that's tougher to do for the new stuff. One idea that popped up in my head is getting into the various tradings between nations. Basically one nations has a lot of some resource and they trade for one that they don't have much of.

So here's where I'd like to hear your thoughts. Since my story mostly focuses on Kusagakure, I'm not too familiar with the economies of other villages. For those of you who have fleshed out the political/economic details for the other nations (even fan-made ones), let me know some of what you've come up with. For the Grass Village, I call the country it's in the Land of Flora. Because of this (and the description on Narutopedia), I think they would probably have plenty of plant-based goods.

So tell me your thoughts on the villages of your characters. Especially villages besides Konoha... they've hogged enough screen time :P. Or if you have ideas for other things that Kusagakure would have, that's fine too. Hopefully having specific details to throw into the generic meetings I make will jump start my brain into coming up with more. Because I feel weird having Kazō go this route when I don't really have the story to build on it yet. And if this discussion sparks any ideas for your own stories, then we all win :)

After reading through the comments, I've compiled the info into a table for easy reference. I'll fill in more as it's thought up (not every column needs to have stuff).

Note: The few countries with an asterisk (*) are place holder names just so we can call them something.


Hidden Ninja Village

Main Exports

Minor Exports

Possible Exports


Regional Specialty

Land of Fire

Konohagakure -
Hidden Leaf


Land of Wind

Sunagakure -
Hidden Sand


Crops, Water

Sand Dumpling

Land of Wind

Ōkamigakure -
Hidden Wolf

Industrial Crafts,
Iron/Steel, Oil,
Industrial Equipment


Crops, Textiles,
Clothes, Fabrics

Land of Lightning

Kumogakure -
Hidden Cloud

Metals, Minerals


Land of Water

Kirigakure -
Hidden Mist

Fish, Costal Plants

Medicinal Plants


Kirin Nectar

Land of Earth

Iwagakure -
Hidden Stone




Rock Rice Cake

Land of Rainfall*

Amegakure -
Hidden Rain

Medicinal Plants



Land of Rice Fields

Otogakure -
Hidden Sound



Land of Flora

Kusagakure -
Hidden Grass

Bamboo, Paper, Crops

Jewelry, Mushrooms

Textiles, Animals

Metals, Coal, Fish

Floral Syrup

Land of Cliffs*

Takigakure -
Hidden Waterfall

Land of Boulders*

Ishigakure -
Hidden Rock

Minerals, Rock



Land of Frost

Shimogakure -
Hidden Frost



Fur, Iron

Land of Rivers

Tanigakure -
Hidden Vally

Fish, Gold


Land of Hot Water

Yugakure -
Hidden Hot Water


Land of Iron




Crops, Coal, Fur

Land of Rainforests

Edagakure -
Hidden Branch

Chocolate, Textiles

Coffee, Silk



Rainforest Chocolate

Land of Ice

Hyōgagakure -
Hidden Glacier

Fish, Fur

Iron, Tungsten


Crops, Wood

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