Hey guys.

So I've seen a few people adding audio files for clips of character voices. I was able to listen to them on the PC I used to have, but now that I have a Mac, it won't work. When I click play, it says I don't have a player for it, and gives a link of some players to download. I downloaded the VLC player and was able to hear a file on my desktop, but it still doesn't come up when clicking a file online.

Does anyone with a Mac have this issue? Is there something I'm not doing to get it to work online?

I found that FireFox has a player built in, so it works if I use that. However, I wanted to get it to work with Safari.

[Edit] - I did some more research and apparently the VLC player on Mac doesn't come with a plugin for the internet. I guess I'll just have to pull up Firefox whenever this comes up.

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