Hi, i'm Kiyoshi Kurai, 

I browsed to some guides in helping to create OC's, at least from the story part, because i have't practiced my drawing. 

As i said, i'm good on fanfiction, and due to it, i'm preparing to post my first fanfic since A WHOLE YEAR!

Yeah, right.

I'm rather new to this and i'm trying to revive this forum, so please i need all of your help and contribution. So, why not help us all?

For example,

i'm good at drawing fanfics, inseting non-mary-sue OC's-RPC' if anyone wants informaton or advice on how to make a good OC or RPC and post the story on fanfiction, please contact me. I'll pass over this place, time by time. 

Also, when time's right, we'll post a community of all our stories. 

How does that sounds?

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