It's been established that Rock Lee has "No talent in ninjutsu or genjutsu." Some people seem to think that he can't use chakra or doesn't have any chakra, but that is false.

Rock Lee does have chakra: he can enhance the strength of his offense and defense, he can walk on water, run up walls, etc. He just doesn't use ninjutsu or genjutsu cause he sucks in that area.

So my question is, what is Rock Lee's Chakra Affinity? Kakashi's is lightning, Sasuke's is Fire, Naruto's is wind, Sakura's is probably Yin because she was stated to be resistant to genjutsu and could have been a genjutsu user.

Even though a person doesn't use tons of elemental ninjutsu, doesn't mean they don't have a chakra affinity. Even if they suck at their affinity, it's still better than the rest of the elements. This is true for ninja like tenten who don't use elemental ninjutsu. She probably has a chakra affinity, but doesn't use ninjutsu enough to develop the skills.

So I guess the questions are:

  • Does everyone have a chakra affinity? (I think so)
  • What would Lee's or Tenten's affinity be?
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