So, most chakra natures have some sort of clone variation. Aside from the typical shadow clone, there is the water clone, lightning clone, earth clone, etc.

But wait! With regards to earth clones, there are actually two: the Rock Clone Technique and the Mud Clone Technique.

Apparently, the mud clone is a shadow clone made of mud that can put itself back together when "injured." Additionally it can grab and bind a target in mud. Very useful and underrated.

The rock clone, on the other hand, is made of rocks and is stated to break apart rather than disappear. At first, I thought this jutsu sucked since a normal shadow clone disappears after one-ish hits. Wouldn't it just do the same, but also leave a pile of ruble behind? Then, I realized that perhaps the description is trying to say that if there is sufficient force, chunks of the clone will break off, but the clone will stay intact and will keep fighting. Like it could lose and arm, but keep on going.

I originally began writing this blog to see if anyone could figure out the justification for the rock clone, but it seems that I've answered my own question. If anyone has any input, corrections, etc, feel free to comment.

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