So my old Originals don't really seem to impress...anybody...this includes me. I'm not very good at describing things to be honest, and my creativity is best left in my head, where my thoughts flow smooth, yet I'll be doing my best to bring my thoughts to..well usually I'd say paper, but I guess I'll be saying screen now won't I? I am going to be adding some new Originals, a lot of them, over a long period of time, as well as revamping, or practically completely recreating some of my OC's. 

Plans: September 2013---

In September (From the 3rd to about the 7th) I will be out of state, visiting my girlfriend in Oklahoma; so I probably won't be doing anything Naruto related, accept perhaps watching an episode on occassion. After that, starting on the 10th, I plan on testing for my GED, once (IF) I get it, I will be looking for work (looking a lot for anything I can find). This will go towards a lot of things Naruto, Cosplay, art comissions since I am a horrible artist (I draw like a 5 year old), but also more important things, like to help my family, or to fix my car.

Plans: October 2013---

In October I only have a few plans, I will hopefully have a Job by then, and a GED, if not everything above applies to October. I mainly just need to get my actual drivers lisence on the 10th, buy pokemon X&Y, upgrade my phone to iOS7, and thats about it. After that, I'm clear!

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