This is a timeline I put together using birth & death dates of Naruto Characters, as well as estimated timelines for characters on Leafninja.

I thought It would be useful to OC creators to have, at least, an estimated timeline for the series. So here it is.

If anyone knows something else that would make this more accurate, feel free to comment it.

Kakuzu B: 91 ybss

Kakuzu Age 20: 71 ybss

Chiyo B: 70 ybss

Hiruzen B: 68 ybss

1st Shinobi War estimated start: 56-55 ybss

Jiraiya B: 50 ybss

1st Shinobi War in progress: 48 ybss

Hiruzen becomes 3rd Hokage: 48 ybss

Tobirama D: 48 ybss

1st Shinobi War ends: 48-47-46 ybss

Hiruzen Senseis Jiraiya: 44 ybss

Jiraiya Genin Age 6: 44 ybss

Minato estimated B: 34 ybss

Sasori estimated B: 32 ybss

2nd Shinobi War begins: 30-28 ybss

Sasori creates the Mother & Father puppets: 27 ybss

Asuma B: 27 ybss

Kakashi B: 26 ybss

2nd Shinobi War ends: 26-25 ybss

Jiraiya Senseis Minato Age 10: 24 ybss

Kakashi Genin Age 5: 21 ybss

Kakashi Chuunin Age 6: 20 ybss

3rd Shinobi War Estimated Start: 19-18 ybss

Sakumo Hatake D: 18 ybss

Itach B: 17 ybss

3rd Shinobi War ends: 13 ybss

Itachi Age 5, Sasuke B: 12 ybss

Kyuubi Attack: 12 ybss

Uchiha Massacre: 5 ybss

Naruto Series Start ---

Naruto Leaves: 8 months after Series Star

Naruto Returns: 2 1/2 yass

ybss: years before Series Start

yass: years after Series Start

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