As the title states, these are songs that I feel describe Hanataba..

1. You by the Pretty Reckless. This describes how she feels about Kimimaro, and how her feelings for him are unrequited (he has more important things to do than have a relationship)

2. Shouldn't Be A Good In Goodbye by Jason Walker. This describes how she felt when Kimimaro was dying and dead. Watching him die was one of the toughest things Hanataba has ever had to deal with in her life.

3. Slipped Away by Avril Lavgne. This describes how she felt after Kimimaro's death and Orochimaru's defeat. After her dad's death, Orochimaru became the male figure in her life that was like her dad. Kimimaro was her first love. 

Look up the songs if you haven't heard them. They are all beautiful songs performed by talented people!

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