SO since until recently I had a legion (Truely only 18 - 20 people.) of Narutards (Its a self given title.) to bounce ideas off of and help me work out kinks in them, but my tards have holiday and family and real life stuff to do. Plus the Naruto swing seems to be coming back down so seem I have less people around me who are willing to talk about it.


So heres the problem I run a RP circle I wanted to do something because I keep getting asked "Can I have Rinnegan?" or "What happend to the Rinnegan?" after I made it a point not to let anyone have it because its alittle powerful (Sarcasam gotta love it.) but with and aspect as big as Rinnegan I've even found myself latley think it'd make a cool addition if done right. So heres what I got and the basic stay and I put a bit of a spin on it to match my 500 year time jump.



The Path of Pein the Single Largest Shinobi (And this is where it starts(Religious Practice) OR (Peace Keeping Orginzation). Thier sole purpose is made clear to anyone listening, (they are here to spread enlightenment through physical and emotional suffering and pain.)(they are here to keep the peace by settling any and all disputes through the third party judgment system to help avoid the the want for revenge.)


((Followers) or (Keepers)) - Genin Level - ((First Chakra Rod Piercings) or (First Tattoo of Equal Scales)) - Hair dyed bright Orange.

((Devotees) or (Defenders)) - Chuunin Level- ((Implanted Recivers) or (Chakra Shield)) - Implanted cloned version of Rinnegan- Discovery of path and abilty with in the path.

((Priest) or (Guardian)) - Jounin Level - Steps away from mastering thier personal path and in charge of helping other on thier paths - these are the most commonly seen from Path of Pein ((Practice) or (Orginzation)) the to be out of the ((churches) or (compounds)).

Ending Statement

For Now Iam just going to leave the ranks at these three because Iam still working on it and this should be figured out first.

All comments made should be helpfull for the good or bad if not Iam just going to ignore you.

BjornWhitman 03:03, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

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