I believe that it is fairly obvious that I'm quite new to this site, but if it wasn't... Heyo, I'm a newb.

My original goal was to just create pages for my OCs and then go back and update them all when they were uploaded before adding pictures. This is why most of my pages will say "under construction." Well, I never noticed how many freaking OCs that I have. I'm also not very tech savvy, nor do I have that much free time. (I hate my job, by the way.)

I have literally no idea how to use the templates or the info box, though I tried valiantly with my first shared OC- Ichiki Kuran.

It's become mentally exhausting to map out time for me to do anything and to still get sleep.

In short, I hate being an adult because it's killing my creativity and cutting back on my time. But, I also hate my creativity because I don't have the time to use it.


Anyway, enjoy the randomly attached song from one of my many YouTube playlists.

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