okay so, i've been getting really lazy but im also starting to feel kinda bad because everyones doing so well with their ocs and working so hard but ive been on hiatus for a long time hee hee. so ive decided to put all my ocs (with the exception of kiyomi yuki my main oc) up for adoption. if you dont know what i mean, then think of it like adopting an actual child even though the child isnt biologicaly yours you still care for it and raise it as if it was. its the same with ocs do whatever you want to my ocs, you change anything and everything you want about them, just dont make them into sues. now of course, ill be cheking in weekly to see whats going on and maybe provide feedback and answer questions that you might have about my ocs before you started working on them. if youre interested, please contact me via message wall and dont get started without telling me about it. also, im curious to see what you have planned so, if you dont mind, just tell me about what youre going to do (and tell me which oc youre going to adopt). and please dont start working without a solid plan. make sure you understand how what you change about one oc could change all of them. again, this applies to every oc of mine except for kiyomi DO NOT edit her page. if you have to change something about her to fit what your doing that completly understadable, just tell me first and ill do it. now of course, if its like grammatical or spelling errors thats ok you can edit her page. alright thats all for now. thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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