Hey sisters! So this isn't really important, like I don't expect anyone to comment or respond to this, but, as the name suggests, today is Konan's birthday (February 20). If you guys read my profile, you would know that Sasori and Konan tie for my favorite Akatsuki member (Itachi is climbing up the ranks though, I always liked him but I'm starting to like him more). Because of this, I decided to announce Konan's birthday for any other Konan fans out there. You never know, I mean I could find a friend on this wiki just becuase we both like her. So that's really it, I just wanted to say that in honor of her and I have made fan art of Konan, just not today though. And yes, I will do this too for Sasori, so be prepared. Thanks for reading, if you did, and have a nice day! Thanks!

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