since the year of 2011 Sonero Iwasaki has been claiming my OC Sonero Uzumaki. And MonophonicDreams has been claiming my other OC; Kazehana Uzumaki. I originally created Sonero Uzumaki on YouTube in 2009 and I have a edit of Sakura from a screencap from Naruto Shippuden. Sonero Iwasaki's proof is a recolor of Ino from a fan art which is wrong. Now as for Kazehana Uzumaki; I was cosplaying as her when I created her. Then the next day MonophonicDreams started to claim her and started to edit her DeviantArt deviations to "Kazehana Uzumaki" just to make me look bad or as a cyber bully to some sort. These 2 users have threatened me saying that they have a flash drive of me harassing them. But they do not have solid proof. I have called them out multiple times and I have proof of them making false accustions of me going to there state just to stalk and threaten their family. I also have screenshots of the accusations. If you wish to see proof please go to my Youtube and Deviantart. I have tried my best to share the proof with as much screenshots as I could. This is because I took Criminal Justice classes in high school. I'm very serious about getting the truth out. So if I sound too serious it's because I truly care.

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