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I am the current main administrator of the N.O.W.,so if you need help with articles, character creation, have concerns etc don't be scared to let me know :) I create pages on the N.O.W to help new creators with their articles, as well as clean up some others


I'm just a very bored girl with too much free time.

Contact Me

You can message me through the 'Message Me' link on top of the page; it will take you to my talkpage where you can ask anything you like, or just have a pointless conversation. If you would like to help out with the NOW, please visit >>> this <<< page.

You can also contact me on the N.O.W. deviantArt account, which is also checked regurally :)

In Real Life

I live in London, UK and go to college. When not messing around with the N.O. Wiki, I paint, do more work than I'm supposed to or blow things like kitchens up. I drink too much water for my own good.

Why 'XStarcandy'

Well, I like stars but I don't like candy. So I combined the two together and added an X for no reason.

My OCs

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