aka Vo

  • I live in Narnia
  • My occupation is Student, Choreographer, Singer, Bgirl (aka breakdance)
  • I am genderfluid

Heyy I go by many names in other places, but call me 'trippi' here please. :D

I have a dA as well,

I enjoy making fan characters (shocker) but the problem with me is laziness when writing/drawing reference

adventuretimestyle!trippee, the procrastinator of everything

sheets/fanfics x) I am a visual artist but I usually keep my drawings to myself.

I speak native English, semi-fluent Mandarin Chinese and Italian, and some Tagalog and Spanish.

In person, I'm your regular 16 year old mixed ethnicity, 4'11" highschool senior slightly stuggling to keep my grades high so I don't get punished by my OMGSTRICT mum currently on summer break. c: I like playing instruments and singing and ahmgdfsdadas

personal blog - its a secret ;3

art/fandom blog -

twitter -!/0kthatsnice

Some other tidbits about me~:

i have pastel-y pink hair that gradually fades to my natural colour. i really like the colour pink~

i like a lot of kinds of art and dabble in them

im usually really shy even on the interwebz affhgdfhgh u-u so if it seems like im stuck up or cold, its not that at all im just really really shy

Creator of Luka Ikusane and Akurei Kotodama, as well as Kaori Oyama and Mingmei Yao . I'd like some feedback on Akurei and Mingmei's pages, since theyre the closest to completion, please. Thank you in advance!! ^0^

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