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Hello! ;w; I'm an administrator for this wiki, so if you ever need any help or anything just leave a message on my message wall.


About Me

I'm 20 years old, female, and I live in the United States.

I enjoy video games, but mostly I just spend my time listening to music and browsing Tumblr. I really love the Fallout games, Undertale, the Elder Scrolls games, the Fable games, and a lot more stuff. I'd like to make my own game someday! ^ w ^ I'm not really a TV show kind of person, but I do love me some Steven Universe.

Anyway. I'm fascinated by OCs in general, and Naruto OCs are some of my favorites because they were my first introduction to OC making.  I love to see all the different things people come up with! And I especially love to see people be passionate about their OCs. I used to be super willing to critique every last OC out there, but lately I just don't have the time nor the willpower to do stuff like that anymore. Besides, my opinion on "Mary Sue"  stuff has really changed nowadays, and frankly my opinion is if you're having fun and if the OC doesn't take away from the story somehow, you're doing just fine.

Honestly I mostly just fix code errors and help to clean up around here. I'm a neat-freak when it comes to stuff like that. You might see me attempt to translate stuff.

Contact Me

The preferred way of contacting me would be on my message wall, but I don't mind if you contact me via my DA page. I check both of these on a daily basis.  I'm also available on Discord! <3 You can see my username in my infocard on the top of the screen.

Original Characters 

As of now, my OC bios are incomplete. And they will probably be incomplete for a long, long time... ;x;

Useful Pages

These are some pages I think would be of great help. Please ask me if you still need something!


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