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Well as of 10.03.2012 Iam sure the world is going to end soon because Our wonderful (IDK what to call her Leader, Head Mod, Ma'am, Or oh maybe Queen of the Nerds (Atleast seen by the outside world, LOL) has given Me, Admin Rights..... and well all I can say is Bring on the End (LOL) I can't wait to kick my first troll in the teeth =).

If I have edited your page make sure you read the summary of my edit or look for a comment from me. If there is nothing to explain what I did or why I did it leave a message,

I have a strong opinion on what a Naruto OC is but most times I can place that aside to try and help people with a OC.

Iam the Sole MOD for the Naruto: Next Generation - Rise from the Shadows Wiki

Currently poking about in the corners and shadows of the Wiki trying to add W/E seems to be needed.

My favorite pages

  • Lol Iam a sad OC fan but MY #1 Fav page here is Wiki Activity
  • Because It took too long to get just this all down #2 On Going Story
  • Because it was one of the first other OCs I read on here and liked #3 Mingmei Yao

Copyright (Cause we All ought to Know our Rights)

Hi so I have this in my profile on another Wikia. Forewarning Iam not trying to sound like an A§§ but it might sound that way. Here we go, in all countries that are members of the Berne Convention, copyright is automatic and need not be obtained through official registration with any government office. Once an idea has been reduced to tangible form, for example by securing it in a fixed medium (such as a drawing, sheet music, photograph, a videotape, or a computer file), the copyright holder, is entitled to enforce thier exclusive rights. So any Original Character or Original Art submited to a wikia by me is under copyright protection.

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