Universal Release






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Universal Style

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Known Wielders

Shun Hiyabunsu

Zirito Hiyabunsu

Azan Hiyabunsu

Tira Hiyabunsu


Stardust Scatter 

Northern Star Bomb

Existential Shell

Universal Release (WIP)

Universal Release (普放, Fuhenteki; "Universal Style") is a very mysterious and unknown kekkei genkai shared only by those born through generations of the Hiyabunsu family, with whom the four sustained family members are able to use it. The Universal Release allows the user to focus their physical, mental, and soulful power to unlock the hidden potential of utilizing both chakra and energy from the edge of space and possibly into it itself. The abilities usable by the Hiyabunsu family from this release are unique to only them, allowing them to take energy from outside the planet and manipulate it into forms of stardust, along with actual solar energy, lunar energy into a condensed form of spatial chakra. This condensed chakra is only able to be seen by advanced eye jutsus and is considered very powerful if it is mastered.


  • The universal release will not be able to grant one-hundred percent full power from the spatial energy taken in, but it still remains really powerful nontheless.
  • The spatial chakra taken in by a user (usually only a Hiyabunsu) is only every unique to the blood of that Hiyabunsu member and cannot be transferred through injection like Hashirama's Senju Cells.
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