Uchiha Shisui is Uchiha Sasuke's eldest son, cousin to Mitsuru, Haruke, Miwa, and Manabu. He is the older brother to Uchiha Nakusu. Created by RurikoTsukuyomi of

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In this story, Shisui was born to Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke. The first two years of Shisui's life consisted of being babied by his parents, even Sasuke. At this time, Sasuke and Sakura were very close as having a child brought out Sasuke's inner self, becoming a fatherly figure. However, they had a second child, Nakusu. Shisui adored his baby brother and was constantly peeking in on him and caring for him. A couple years after, tension grew between Sasuke and Sakura. Mostly because Shisui had begun to show interest in males over females. He'd also expressed strong feelings for his cousin, Mitsuru. Sakura was patient and didn't mind Shisui's hyperactive disposition as it reminded her of Naruto when he was young. Unfortunately, Sasuke didn't like it at all. He easily ignored Shisui and focused his attention on Nakusu. Shisui didn't quite mind as he rather have his brother be lavished in attention, but from time to time, he grew lonely, so he set a goal for himself to formerly meet everyone in Konohagakure.

Shisui's academy time was actually lengthened. He was forced to enter at the age of four, meeting up with several upperclass academy students, one of which being Fumichi Ecchio. Shisui took a quick disliking to him, complaining frequently to his mother of Ecchio's perverted outbursts and love of everything and everyone. Sakura claimed Ecchio and Shisui were so alike that they just weren't compatible for friendship, or anything beyond. Shisui made it his personal goal from then on to beat Ecchio, even though Ecchio is a couple years older than him as well as a rank higher. When Ecchio graduated the academy, Shisui worked harder and trying to pass as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he failed the academy exams twice before making it on the third time, proving that the 'third time is a charm'. More tension grew in the household as Shisui had not yet learned the use of Sharingan, nor even showed it.

However, after Shisui passed the academy exams and became a Genin (his sensei Kuromura Kotori), he showed potential for Sharingan, activating it for the first time in a tense situation between him and his father. By this time, Sakura had officially divorced Sasuke and moved closer to the hospital in order to carry on her medical-ninja career, leaving Sasuke alone with Nakusu and Shisui. This only made things worse as Sasuke and Shisui argued very often, in fact, every time they are in a room together, they argue. After a while, Shisui notices the stress it puts on Nakusu, as he becomes the prodigy of their clan with his intelligence that far exceeds even Shikamaru's. Shisui tries to baby his brother and do anything in his power to make him happy... Even if it involves embarrassing Nakusu from time to time.

Part I

Shisui is shown to be a Genin in Part I of Shadows of the Next Generation, in which all the original Naruto characters as well as a few others, are adults, most having children and good careers. By this time, it's certain that Shisui holds no real interest in being a shinobi, seeing it only as an opportunity to beat Ecchio, meet new people, and failed attempts to impress his younger cousin, Mitsuru. In the beginning, Shisui learns of a new family member by the name of Kaoru, son to Madara. Kaoru shows to be the exact opposite of Shisui, drawing him in even more. Kaoru's depressing aura pulls Shisui in to actively try and cheer him up. Unfortunately, Kaoru is only in Konohagakure for a short period of time to steal a diary from Ruriko. In this time, Shisui is disappointed, but seems to avoid all subjects pertaining to Kaoru's existence.

At one point, Shisui is signed up for the Chuunin Exams taking place in Getsugakure as well as his brother, Nakusu. He is eager to join, confident in his abilities as well as his teammates. During the first part of the exam, in which the Genin are required to answer 30 written questions before answering a final question on a computer screen with the answer to it hidden in the test, Shisui answers most of the questions right, but he playfully adds a few tweaks here and there for a humorously display to the first proctor, who ends up being Karin, a former member of Sasuke's Taka team. As the second part of the exams begin, Shisui is faced with challenges he didn't even imagine possible...

(Rest yet to be written)


Shisui is a bubbly character and very friendly. He's outgoing, somewhat obnoxious, and extremely social. He speaks his mind and he's usually pretty nice, but he's a bit irritated by the fact that people label others, even simple labels such as ninja rank seem to irk him slightly. Shisui almost always has a smile on his face and is pretty positive. Even if he's making negative comments about a bad situation, they're usually borderline humorous.

As for relationships, Shisui's relationship with his father is tense and pretty much fueled by hatred and scorn. Sasuke's annoyance in his non-ninja acts makes Shisui upset and lash out, even if he ends up getting in a full out shouting match. He does, however, eventually cool this down as he notices the stress and annoyance it causes his younger brother. Shisui cares deeply for Nakusu and would do anything for him. He's very overprotective of him and loves embarrassing his younger brother with playful teasing. Shisui also shows very romantic and almost obsessive feelings for his cousin, Mitsuru. He claims that as soon as he saw Mitsuru (he was there for Mitsuru's birth) he knew they were meant to be together, no matter what anyone says. Mitsuru retaliates any of Shisui's affections for him violently and negatively. Despite Mitsuru's behavior and rejection, Shisui still hasn't given up and even claims he'll never get married or have any other romantic relationships as he was patiently waiting for Mitsuru's acception.

Shisui also rivals Ecchio greatly. Shisui is always the first to begin the argument, no questions asked. Ecchio enjoys teasing and poking fun at Shisui, simply to make him angry as he states that Shisui is adorable when he's angry, but Shisui usually acts in the same fashion that Mitsuru does toward him, but a bit more angrily.


Shisui's bright blue hair is long, to the small of his back when let down out of the hairclipped style. He uses a black hair clip, twisting his hair and clamping the jaws of the clip over his hair into a fountain appearance. The clip was given to him by his aunt, Ruriko, who favors him very much for being joyful. Shisui also has blue eyes with a lot of shine to them as he's usually always happy. If he's angry, it doesn't last.

He wears a black long sleeved shirt with a collar that wraps around his neck and has rings hanging off the right side of the collar. He also wears matching black bellbottoms and ninja shoes. His lower lip and nose are pierced with a diamond stud.


Much like his mother, Shisui has a monstrous strength and even has to be careful when hugging or glomping people as he can't control it quite well. His strength is actually natural and he didn't have to work very hard to get it where it is today. It just happened. Shisui is a fan of taijutsu and commonly uses his strength when in battles.

Also, unlike most shinobi, Shisui only has one elemental ninjutsu, which is fire, like most Uchiha members. This causes his ninjutsu to be quite limited, but even so, it's very powerful as he usually puts all his chakra forth into it seeing as he doesn't waste chakra on his blows... Depending on what he hits. He does tend to wrap chakra around his fists if he really wants to back a punch, but this will sometimes trigger an earthquake. It just depends on how much rage is put into the hit.

As for Genjutsu, Shisui's no fan of it, seeing it almost the same way as Nero does. 'Lies'. Shisui can properly defend against the simple stuff, but he can't use it all that well.


Like most Uchiha, Shisui does have Sharingan, but he mostly activates it if he wants to scare people, threaten them, or if he's really stuck in what to do in a fight. In a taijutsu battle against someone who's fast, probably as fast as Lee, Shisui's Sharingan comes in super handy as he can easily keep up with the moves, even if it is taijutsu. However, the taijutsu has to have some sort of chakra use, such as his use of chakra blows. If not, he'll probably have some troubles. Shisui's Sharingan, unlike his father's, isn't all that powerful nor does it contain anything special as it's still in the first stage with the three comma dots around his pupil.


  • Shisui's favorite food, mostly based off his feelings for Mitsuru, is sashimi, but he also enjoys mitarashi dango. His least favorite is potatoes.
  • His hobbies include stalking/spying on Mitsuru, shopping for clothes, jewelry, and basic necessities, embarrassing his little brother.
  • Shisui has an odd fear of being restrained, by chains, rope, or even another person. He also fears danger to his family, particularly Mitsuru and Nakusu.
  • Shisui wishes to fight Fumichi Ecchio.
  • Shisui's favorite word is "little".