Tsuyaki Clan

Tsuyaki Clan symbol

"No one ever looks up." - Kenshou Tsuyaki


Appears in

Anime, Manga


Village mountain symbol Yumakure

Kekkei Genkai

Enhanced sight and night vision

Known Members

Kenshou Tsuyaki (founder, deceased)

Nanaka Tsuyaki (founder, deceased)

Rui Tsuyaki (founder, deceased)

Daisuke Tsuyaki (co-founder, husband of Rui, deceased)

Ryuuma Tsuyaki (co-founder, husband of Nanase, deceased)

Shin'Ichi Tsuyaki (Third Yumakage, alive, retired)

Coryn Tsuyaki

The Tsuyaki Clan is an OC clan of Yumakure created by Osaki Suzuki of Deviantart. The clan is the third smallest clan in Yumakure and is the villages primary defence force.


Founding of the Clan

The Tsuyaki clan was founded around 10 years after the founding of Yumakure by a man named Kenshou. He and his two siblings; Nanaka and Rui (tripletts); along with their two husbands Ryuuma and Daisuke, moved to the village. The extended family insisted though, that they build in the trees as their other house was. The first Yumakage thought this to be an odd request but allowed it. Kenshou and Rui had ninja talents and they were taught some skills to help the village. Rui's and Nanaka's children also had the clan's ninja ablities and were sent to the new academy for training.

Early Stages

As the clan grew in the next few years their inherant defensive ninja skills surfaced. The first Yumakage began appointing the few Tsuyaki ninjas to the defensive branch of the ANBU. The head of the clan, Kenshou began to place laws that stated that Tsuyaki members can only marry other Tsuyaki's or other strong ninjas. He stated that "It's for the good of the clan. We need to keep our talents to ourselves, no one needs to know our secrets.". From this moment on the clan became very secretive about their abilities and dealings within their compound. More years passed and the clan grew, the Yumakage made a division of the ANBU (albiet small and relatively un-talked about) dedicated to Tsuyaki's and their defence of the village.

Pre Naruto

During this time a Tsuyaki by the name of Shin'Ichi beacme Yumakage. The clan had grew and the ANBU division of theirs grew as well. They were now in charge of the defense of the village but had to answer to the Yumakage. Not much about this part of the clan's history has ever made it out of the compound.


Kekkei Genkai

Enhanced eyesight, enhanced night-vision.

Fighting style

They use a defensive tai-jutsu that emphasizes blocks. They have an extensive knowledge of the human body's pressure points much like the Hyuuga do with chakra points. By utilizing pressure points they can shut a person down.

The Tsuyaki use mostly wind jutsus but some earth jutsu are used.



As for names, they are picked based on numerology, how long the pregnancy lasted and what time of year s/he was born.


You are to marry with in the clan as of now but in past times it was a little more lax in the ruling.


Children are shaped to become secretive and solitary in their lives.


There are only two life styles/jobs a Tsuyaki can take. Becoming a ninja or staying at home to raise a family.

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