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Tsuwano Clan


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Known Members

Gender Female Hatsue Tsuwano

Gender Female Hogara Tsuwano


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The Tsuwano Clan (津和乃一族, Tsuwano Ichizoku) is a clan of Mangetsugakure known for their genjutsu abilities.


Tsuwano clan is one of the oldest clan of Magetsugakure. They feel a strong connection with Ginkawa river and have developed a lot of stories about its power.


While the Tsuwano people lacks distinctive features, they are usually seen carring some type of vessel which is used to carry water.


Tsuwano people is known for their natural abilities in genjutsu. It is common for the members of this clan to have Water Release as a primary chakra nature. 

The members of this clan are able to catch a large number of people within their illusions by transferring their chakra to the water with which they perform genjutsus. Many members of this clan already have water prepared for this purpose, so it is normal to see them carrying some kind of container where they keep that water.

Clan Traditions

Icy Water

When a member of this clan becomes genin, it is exposed to the icy waters of the Ginkawa river for four hours. This initiation aims to strengthen the natural defenses of the body of the shinobi, as well as to thank the river for the water it will provide to perform its jutsu.


  • Tsuwano (津和乃) can be translated as "from the peace harbor".
  • This is an open clan which means anyone can create a Tsuwano OC, the only condition is that your OC must live on Mangetsugakure.


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