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Aina Part I

Aina Kichida (吉田愛菜, Kichida Aina) is a farmer, janitor, and kunoichi originally from Konohagakure. Unable to pursue a formal career as a ninja, she trains at home in secrecy. For a time, she is a fairly active member of the community, best known for her talents as a farmer and her care for local orphans. Despite this, she grapples with an intense loneliness that will not subside no matter how much time she spends with people. She meets Orochimaru after a series of major personal setbacks that send her on a downward spiral, including the loss of her mother. Before long, she volunteers to act as a double-agent in hopes of eventually making it so Konoha and Otogakure unite under the common goal of stopping the Akatsuki, and so Sasuke may come home. (read more...)

A Recent Addition

NarutoClassicFront219 20231025205740

Asami Uchiha (うちは あさみ, Uchiha Asami) is the only direct descendant and daughter of the Sunagakure’s Third Kazekage but joined the Akatsuki when her father died along with Sasori. With the Akatsuki’s guidance, Asami developed her skills, eventually surpassing even Jōnin-level by a young age. (read more...)

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