Literal English

Serpentine eye

Viz Manga

The Eye of a serpent


Known Wielders 37% of the Clan

The Jagan(蛇眼, Literally meaning: Serpentine Eye, Meaning(Viz): The eye of a serpent) is the Dōjutsu Kekkei Genkai of the [Kirāhebi Clan](キラーヘビ一族, Kirāhebi Ichizoku, Killer Snake Clan) that appears selectively among its members. It is regarded as one of the "Great Dōjutsu". While its powers originated from Indra Kirāhebi's Rinne Jagan.


The Jagan allows the user to use Wind-Release, as well as giving the user the speed, strength, endurance, defense and sneaking abilities of a snake. The Kirāhebi clan, as the name suggests, commonly uses snakes for fighting as well as swords.


The Jagan has three transformations, the Ni-banme Jagan, the Mangekyō Jagan And the “Eyernal” Mangekyō Jagan.

  • The Jagan can transform itself into a Ni-banme Jagan(蛇眼二番目, Literally meaning: Second Serpentine Eye) through the user acquiring full power from their Saisho no hebi(最初のヘビ, Literally meaning: First Snake) through a matter of trust and ability.
  • Once the Jagan is a Ni-banme Jagan it evolves into the Mangekyō Jagan(万華鏡蛇眼, Literally Meaning: Kaleidoscope Serpentine Eye through feeling hatred and sadness towards something, mostly through losing their Saisho no Hebi. This new eye gives the user new abilities with the ones it already had. These abilities are
    • The ability to see chakra
    • The ability to drown someone with a small amount of water, without using ninjutsu(this ability is like the Amaterasu).
    • The ability to make a lightning bolt strike someone. This ability can be used every three hours.
  • once the user acquires one of his clan members eyes, it transforms itself into an “Eternal” Mangekyō Sharingan. With this eye, the user won’t become blind when using the Mangekyō Jagan.


  • The Jagan is actually hard to control without having a sneak near you, this’s one of the reasons the Kirāhebi clan members always have snakes with them, preferably their Saisho no Hebi.

  • Rei learned how to use the Jagan by punching himself in the face after losing his “parents”, the people keeping him secure since he believes it’s his fault.

  • I came across the idea of creating the Jagan by watching how great the [Sharingan] was and how it had great evolutions. Also by watching Pokemon, somehow?
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