Team Yūsuke


Team Yūsuke (雄助班, Yūsuke-Han)
Team 15 (第15班,第十五班, Daijūgohan)

Team Info


Male Yūsuke Mizushima


Female Sign Hanada Hyūga
Female Sign Kasumi Akiyama
Female Sign Tsukira Kuchinashi


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Team Jutsu

Team Yūsuke, otherwise known as Team 15, is a team led by Yūsuke Mizushima and was formed upon the need of a team member for Hanada and Tsukira, as well as Kasumi needing a team upon her recent citizenship. The members were selected because they benefited each other both in abilities and blank positions: Kasumi is strong in mid range combat and ninjutsu, and benefits from Tsukira's strong suit in genjutsu and mid to long range combat, as well as Hanada's short to mid range techniques, taijutsu and Hyūga Clan techniques. Tsukira would similarly benefit from her more battle-ready teammates who could efficiently handle battle while she provided support. Where she was also the medical-nin of their team, they could provide the force and protect her, while she provided medical care. Hanada similarly would benefit from Kasumi's intelligence and experience with weapons, Tsukira's effective long range ninjutsu enhancements and their combined battle strategies.

At some point during the Search for Tsunade arc, Kasumi defected from Konoha, leaving the team short a member and effectively disbanding them for the time being.

Kasumi and Hanada later reunited in The Last. In the years after, Kasumi married Mihaya, and had two children; Jun and Rise. Tsukira's memorial is beneath her favorite tree in Konoha and Hanada is married, but has no children.

Known Missions

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