Team Arisa

Team Arisa

(ありさ班, Arisa-Han)



Chapter #36


Episode #21

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18px-Gender Female svg Arisa Namikaze


18px-Gender Female svg Natsuhi Itō
18px-Gender Male svgKohaku Fukui
18px-Gender Male svgJirou Minami


18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure

Team Arisa is a genin Konohagakure team lead by Arisa Namikaze. It was formed a year before the other main Konoha teams. They specialize in both close range and long range combat. Arisa held back her students from the Chūnin exams for a year to ensure that they were skilled enough to be successful. Of her three students only Jirou Minami was promoted to Chūnin. During the time skip both Natsuhi and Kohaku are promoted to Chūnin.


Arisa is known for giving her students proverb-type lessons. Some are very serious and some are less so.

  • "Either get up and fight or lay down and die." (team moto)
  • "Attack to kill your opponent or expect to die, understand?"
  • "Sake was made to disappear. Only a fool makes it disappear quickly."
  • "My eternal dilema: do I eat the rice now or wait for it to become sake?"
  • "You can't water flowers with sake sweetheart, but it sure as hell tastes good."


  • Arisa is always putting her students through insane and often life threatening "team building exercises"
  • Arisa is almost always late to meet her students due to her being either drunk or hungover
  • While Arisa says she held back her students to make sure they were fully ready for the Chūnin exams, she actually just forgot to sign them up for it.
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