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Team 7 Naruto-sensei

Team Naruto (ナルト班, Naruto-Han)
Team 7 (第7班 第七班, Dainanahan)
Team Ken (ケン隊, Ken-Tai)



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Male Naruto Uzumaki
Male Ken Hatake


18px-Gender Female svgMibuna


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Team Naruto was a Konohagakure team, led by Naruto Uzumaki and composed of Ken Hatake, Naruto was the team leader before becomes Seventh Hokage.


Naruto and Team 7

They passed the bell test.

The new Team Seven has Naruto as a leader. After forming the team, his students had tested by taking the bells from him which the test followed their Team Seven’s tradition. 

Ken is very closed with Naruto as much as information he knows about him. He realized that if they directly encounter to take the bells from Naruto, it won’t even help. He planned with his teammates: Tsukune and Mibuna, by he is as the planner. 

Nonetheless, no one can take the bells from Naruto, They failed in this test. Even so, Naruto could see the three can work as a team, Ken’s leadership. So, Naruto allowed them to pass. 

Team7 Naruto-sensei

After the bells test.

Tsukune and Minuba were highly respect to Naruto. He is their role model. Besides, Ken is a person who is good at understanding the situation, then he could commonly handle things. These made their team strong without misunderstanding.

Naruto often had missions, he let them get through their missions by themselves and has Ken as the lead. Ken is a very efficient leader because he is ingenious and sharp. But he always pressure on his own because he is too worried about his teammates.


Mission 1: The Exorcising Mission?

  • Rank: B-rank
  • Status: Success

After the members in Team 7 are getting bored with the C-D Rank missions which they often had. Therefore, they asked the Konoha's Sixth Hokage in order to have higher missions. But in that time, the situations were relatively peaceful, so there were not many exciting missions. Also, the current mission is not suitable for them to do as well because it’s a mission to investigate an old village that is told that there are ghosts crazily around the village. Kakashi knows that Naruto and Ken are very scared of ghosts, but because Naruto has already taken the mission. With the dignity of Team 7, everyone has to inevitably need to continue their mission.

Team 7 Naruto

They are very scared ghosts.

When they arrived at the village, they knew the trouble in the village. All villagers have suffered a lot. Some families began to move out because they couldn't bear to live in fear. When the day is out, everyone must immediately hide in their house. There’ll be ghosts coming to haunt them. The village leader had invited the exorcists or monks to expel the ghosts but ended up with being attacked. Ever since no one dared to expel them anymore... Finally, they decided to rely on Konoha Shinobis to investigate all the problems and find a solution. While Team 7, both Naruto, Ken, and Tsukune are terrified of ghosts, except Mibuna, who doesn't believe in the mystery. So, she became the leader who solved this matter.

Mission 2 (on progress)

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  • Status:


Mission 3 (on progress)

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Mission 4 (on progress)

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  • They teamed together when Naruto was 26 years old. And Ken, Tsukune, Mibuna is 12 years old.
  • Naruto doesn't is a Jonin position, but certified by Kakashi to be the team leader of his son.


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