Team Kaori (かをり班, Kaori-Han) 

Team 4 (第4班, 第四班, Daishippan) 

Kekkei Genkai Team (血継限界班, Kekkei Genkai-Han, Literally meaning: Bloodline Limit Team, English TV: Konoha's Kekkei Genkai Three)

Team Info


Female Sign Kaori Senju 


Male Itsuki Yamanaka

Male Kaito Hyūga

Female Sign Kiyomi Yuki


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Team Kaori, also known as Team 4, was a ninja team led by Kaori Senju. It consisted of Kaito Hyūga, Itsuki Yamanaka, and Kiyomi Yuki. This team was made because of how it balances out with Kiyomi being skilled at ninjutsu, Kaito at taijutsu, and Itsuki having a knack for genjutsu. This way, the teammates could benefit from each other's strengths and weaknesses while still balancing out. They are noted to have exceptional teamwork, and a very close bond, even called closer than family, on many occasions.

When Sasuke Uchiha became an international criminal, along with the rest of the Konoha 11, Team Kaori reluctantly decided to kill Sasuke to stop him from going lower as an international criminal, and on the behalf of Akatsuki. Naruto Uzumaki, however, persuaded them that he would handle it alone.

In the end, Sasuke was brought back to good. Team Kaori, alongside Team Kurenai and Team Kakashi, were the only teams that did not lose anybody during the second half of the series. Kaori and Kurenai, however, had to be put on maternity. Team Kaori is the only ninja squad so far (from Naruto's generation) in which everyone, including the sensei, got married and had children without any losses. Kiyomi, Kaito, and Itsuki were all promoted to the ranks of jonin, and Kiyomi and Kaito got married and had two children, Saki, and Hibiki Hyuga. Itsuki and Emica got married and had two children, Kokoro, and Ryu Yamanaka. Genma Shiranui and Kaori Senju got married and had a son, Haru Shiranui.

Known Missions

Find the Lost Pet Tora

  • Rank: D-Rank
  • Status: Success

Team Kaori was assigned to find Tora, a lost cat owned by the Fire Daimyo's wife, Madam Shijimi. 

Rescue the Princess  

  • Rank: C-Rank 
  • Status: Success 

Team Kaori was assigned to rescue a princess, Princess Asami, and bring her back to the Land of Noodles.  

Capture Chihiro 

  • Rank: B-Rank 
  • Status: Success 

Team Kaori was assigned to capture Chihiro, a missing-nin from Takigakure, and retrieve all the treasure and money she had stolen, and deliver it back to Takigakure safely, without anything missing. 


  • Team Kaori has completed 61 official missions in total: 16 D-Rank, 10 C-Rank,  28 B-Rank, 7 A-Rank, 0 S-Rank. 
  • Due to every member, excluding Kaori, having a kekkei genkai, the team is well known as "'Kekkei Genkai Team (血継限界班, Kekkei Genkai-Han, Literally meaning: Bloodline Limit Team, English TV: Konoha's Kekkei Genkai Three)", with Kaito using the Byakugan, Itsuki Crystal Release, and Kiyomi wielding the Ice Release.
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