Tatsumaki Kaiseki (竜巻懐石, Tatsumaki Kaiseki) is a restaurant located in Kirigakure. Ran by the Tatsumaki clan, this restaurant is considered one of the most popular in the entire village and enjoys patrons from all social classes. Some of the food that is served here is grown in the garden that is behind the restaurant, allowing for some dishes to be served extremely fresh.

Food here is served in several courses with the typical setup being an appetizer, Sashimi, a simmered dish, a steamed dish then a steamed main course. Additional items and dishes are only available during certain seasons. In addition the restaurant makes its own sake, which is considered to be some of the best in the Land of Water.

Despite the restaurants popularity, many people refuse to eat here due to the condescending attitude of the Tatsumaki clan, instead opting to eat at other locations.


  • This location is free for anybody to use.
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