Sumizome Clan


(墨染め一族, Sumizome Ichizoku)


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Clan Data

Kekkei Genkai

35px-Nature Icon Storm.svg Storm Release



Known Members

Osamu Sumizome

Ame Sumizome

Hinode Sumizome

Hinoiri Sumizome

Akio Sumizome

Chiharu Sumizome

Hideki Sumizome

Hisoka Sumizome

Madoka Sumizome

Isao Sumizome

Momoe Sumizome

Saki Sumizome

Yasuhiro Sumizome

Suzume Sumizome

Kazuhiko Sumizome

Yuka Sumizome

Norio Sumizome

The Sumizome Clan (墨染め一族, Sumizome Ichizoku) was a retired but powerful clan with many members and great abilities which lived in their own village.


The Sumizome clan was peaceful and didn't want to fight any clan. They had their own village, named "Shizukana" 静かな, quiet). All the members were living together and there were no conflicts. Even if they had great abilities, they didn't like to fight and tried to keep the peace without strength. But when the Third Shinobi World War started, despite their desperate efforts to protect the village, it was destroyed in totality by the fights. With no place to go, the clan dispersed. Hinode's distant relatives were placed in a small unnamed village somewhere in the Land of Fire. Till the present, the small family remained there.


Their kekkei genkai is the storm release, the main ability they have. All the members of the clan got it. Also, some members got a special and different type of chakra, more powerful and resistant than the normal one. The difference is that a part of the members are more skilled and others are less skilled.

People Appearance

The people from this clan were said to be very beautiful and skilled. Most of them got eyes colored in a shape of pink, referring to their symbol, the cherry blossom. This is the only common thing the members got beside their kekkei genkai. The clan doesn't have a specific uniform.

Symbol Meaning

The symbol of the clan is a cherry blossom. These flowers were considered as being sacred. The two circles within the flower represents two opposite sides being together, which refers to their attempt to install the peace in a passive mode. The symbol's colour is also the specific color of a cherry blossom.


  • Sumizome means "dark", referring to the fate of the peaceful clan.
  • Hinode Sumizome is the only known surviving member of the clan.
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