Sudden Restoration Technique

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Totsuzen Fukugen no Jutsu

Literal English

Sudden Restoration Technique                  

English TV

Sudden Revival Jutsu



Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu





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The Sudden Restoration Technique is a forbidden technique developed by the Second Hokage.


This technique is used by having the user converts a large amount of their life force (about 10 years worth) into chakra, allowing them to temporarily increase their chakra levels to much higher levels than is normally possible for the user. Not only is the user's chakra levels temporarily increased, but their sense of pain is dulled to be near non-existent as is their sense of fatigue, allowing them to continue fighting even when fatally injured. The amount of chakra that this technique grants it becomes visible around the user as a shroud.

However due to the sudden and drastic increase of chakra, the user experiences a severe mental strain, preventing the user from thinking clearly, often in the form of increased aggression, such as not being able to tell friend from foe. Also when this technique ends, all of the pain and physical exhaustion that was dulled will come back in full force, with the shock alone having killed many users of this technique in the past. Due to this the Second Hokage labeled this technique a kinjutsu not long after its development and hide it away.

In the event that a person revived with the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation uses this technique, they will still gain the vast amount of Chakra and increased aggression, but instead of loosing years on their life, their soul will not be bound to the sacrificial body as strongly. In the event that their body is completely destroyed in this state, it will not reconstruct, with their soul instead being returned to the Pure Land. However, for this to happen, the entire body must be destroyed, otherwise the body will reconstruct (though at a slower rate than before) and they will continue their rampage.


  • Anybody may use this technique for a Konohagakure OC.
  • The Second Hokage originally developed this technique in order for a smaller group of shinobi to fight a larger group on equal grounds, but labeled this technique a kinjutsu after seeing the side effects of this technique.
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