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Sound Release






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Sound Release

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Known Wielders

Shiradori Morine


Sound Release: Mondsickle Jutsu

​Sound Release: Double Torpedo Jutsu

​Sound Release: Sound Squall Jutsu

​Sound Release: Twelfefold Jutsu

​Sound Release: Sound Clone Technique

The kekkei genkai of the Morine Clan. The Kekkei Genkai is called Onton (engl. Sound Release) which is combined of Raiton (engl. Lightning Release) and Fuuton (engl. Wind Release). There are 2 options how to use it. The first one is to release the Onton Chakra in the body so you can move very fast. The second one is to release Jutsus with it. The Sound Release always needs noise to get in form for some Jutsus.

Descriptions of the different Jutsus

    • Moonsickle Jutsu (she rubs her hands to produce noises and mold a sickle-fomed sonic wave)</li>
    • Double Torpedo Jutsu (she clap her hands to make noises, presses the chakra into a ball in each of her hands and shoot them away)
    • Sound Squall Jutsu (next stage of Moonsickle Jutsu and Genbu will be needed, she spines around to fire much more sickle-formed sonic wave)
    • Twelvefold Torpedo Jutsu (next stage of Double Torpedo Jutsu and Genbu will be needed, she mold 12 Onton balls and shoots them away)
    • Sound Clone Technique (the clone is made out of sound which means everybody "hears" the clone, because of the constantly sending sound the clone gets visible and people can "see" it even tho it´s not physically here; if someone holds his hands on the ears so this person don´t hear the sound anymore or the user gets interrupted in sending sound the clone disappears)


    • Sound Release has it´s origin in Land of Ricefields
    • The Morine Clan moved from the Land of Ricefields to Land of Lightning since Otogakure got formed and the Land of Ricefields became more dangerous
    • Most Clan Member got killed in the last great ninja war
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