Silica Release







Literal English

Silica Release

English TV

Quartz Style



Ikutama Clan Symbol Ikutama Clan


Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu

Basic Natures

Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release

Known Wielders

Asagi Ikutama

Heizen Ikutama

Hisako Ikutama

Makkuro Ikutama

Mokuge Ikutama

Shikkoku Ikutama


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Silica Release (珪遁, Keiton, Viz: Quartz Style) is a combined nature transformation of earth, wind, and yang chakra and it's the kekkei genkai of the Ikutama clan that are famous for making precious quartz. How it works is that a user usually starts with earth as their first release and they hone their abilities. Secondly, the wind comes as the next element to learn and gives oxygen into the earth element. Naturally, silica can form on its own underground quite easily when oxygen is present but the last element, yang quickens the process to produce crystalized minerals.

While Silica Release is most common to the jewel makers from the Ikutama clan, shinobi have been known to use these crystals in battle. So far, only a handful of shinobi have been able to master this unique kekkei genkai for offensive and mainly defensive purposes. With this ability, the user can also create different constructs out of these crystals for varying permanence and with the same qualities as reinforced steel, it's nearly impossible for most elemental ninjutsu to break through it.

With earth as a component, this ability is weak against Lightning techniques, being unable to withstand the piercing power behind it. However, users of the Silica Release can increase its durability by pouring more yang chakra into the crystal to withstand Lightning techniques, but it takes years to master this ability. Since silica is an insulator, the element wind is the best defense against it.

With the clan being solely of jewel makers, members are willing to teach shinobi outside of the clan who desires to learn techniques of the Silica Release. However, they must have the basic elements needed in order to learn it.


  • This Kekkei Genkai was created by Ninjaprincess21.
  • Many years ago, this kekkei genkai originated from a civilian village near the Hageshī Mines, a place well-known between the Land of Fire and in the Land of Earth. So far, only shinobi from Konohagakure have possessed it.
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