Shukiro Clan

Shukiro Clan


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DNA Merging Technique

Known Members

Akina Shukiro

Homura Shukiro

Masaaki Shukiro

Nagare Shukiro

Taiyō Shukiro

Tsuki Shukiro

Ryuun Shukiro

Shimeri Shukiro

Tanakuya Shukiro


Kekkei Genkai Transfer

The Shukiro clan was a migrant clan that was made officially a clan a few years after the Fourth Shinobi World War. They became a threat to the five hidden villages because of their thirst for power, leading to the Shukiro Massacre. After the massacre, all the surviving members, except for Ryuun Shukiro, became S-Rank criminals; Taiyō Shukiro and Tsuki Shukiro becoming the two Most Wanted Criminals on the globe.



The Shukiro clan was created by Tanakuya Shukiro who was the son of two unknown uzumaki that had escaped from by one of Orochimaru's hideouts between the Otogakure and Iwagakure. When Tanakuya was 25 years old he had been in horrible events, two that lead to his parent's deaths. He wanted to gain power and change the world, so he created the Shukiro Clan by stealing knowledge from orochimaru's hideouts, leading to a technique Tanakuya used inscribe the needed DNA for specific kekkei genkai to forcibly obtain them. He preached to people in other villages to recruit people to join his clan, promising a better world and giving many of them kekkei genkai through the DNA Transferance Hiden.

Sharingan Project

Tanakuya had wanted to obtain the Sharingan, so he created a project to try and find the specific DNA matchup in the Uchiha DNA to steal the dōjutsu. He kidnapped children from other villages for this experiment. However he screwed up on many of the transitions, killing them by accident. After finding the needed DNA, he tried to gain his own sharingan with Taiyō's help. However when Taiyō was using the jutsu to inscribe the DNA, he seized the chance to kill Tanakuya. The five kids who had survived were later returned to their villages after the Shukiro Massacre.

Shukiro Massacre

The five great nations found the Shukiro Clan as a threat to peace, so the current Hokage (Naruto) decided to learn of their intentions. Seeing that things were going terribly wrong in the clan, Ryuun's father and mother devised a plan to defect and stop the clan. After defecting they asked to see Naruto for a meeting. In this meeting they told Naruto information that would lead to the Shukiro Massacre. At first Naruto didn't want to exterminate them, but to talk reason into them. But Ryuun's father insisted that it would be useless since they were all committed to gaining power to rule over the five great nations. Naruto set up shinobi from all five hidden villages for the ambush/massacre on the clan then walked up to the clan in person. Taiyō, who had become the leader of the clan after Masaaki defected, listened to what Naruto had to say to him about how the plan he had was wrong. Taiyō just simply laughed at what he had said and attacked Naruto, who had given the signal to exterminate the Shukiro Clan that day.

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