Shishō (翅鞘, Literally meaning: Elytron) is the Land of Rainforest's capital and only major city besides Edagakure. Due of its location, the port city is a major trading hub for the Land of Fire, Water, Lighting, Frost and Hot Water. Because of this, the city also has a major black market and is said that it is possible to get almost anything from weapons to illegal drugs and even blue fire powder. This city was the original location for the Gatō Company headquarters. Following Gatō's death, the company fell into the hands of a former Eda-nin. By the time of Sanger Hiden, the company has managed to improve its personal image after the "discovery" of Gatō's crimes, though rumors have began to circulate that the new president continues the smuggling operations ran by his predecessor.

The terrorist group Shizen'na has a safehouse at a large, abandoned warehouse owned by the Gatō Company in the city where they rest and store food and munitions. The interior of the warehouse has been converted into several rooms including munitions storage, prison cells, an assembly room and even a vault.


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  • Shishō gets its name from a special breed of beetle that lives in the forests surrounding the city.
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