Shigematsu's Claw ( 重松 の ツメ', 'Shigematsu no Tsume- Claw of Shigematsu) is a legendary sword of the Nakahara clan.


The sword has been made by Kaitsu, one of the seven sons of the founder of the Nakahara clan. A legend said that a powerful dragon named Shigematsu lived in the mountains near the shores of the Water Land for thousands of years. Kaitsu was said to be often teased by his brothers for being thin and gentle. Wanting to prove himself, Kaitsu ran away. After remaining missing for 10 years, he returned one day bringing back a blade. Without a single word since his return, he has died 2 hours later. It was believes that Kaitsu has defeated the dragon and created the sword from its body. To honour Kaitsu, his brothers broke the sword into seven pieces and took them away on their travels, with the parts eventually ending up missing or stolen. Soon after the blade became nothing but a mere legend, until the last head of clan spotted a part of a blade with the Nakahara clan’s symbol on it in the black market managed by Gatō.He has immediately notified the clan elders who decided to keep the discovery a secret; however the rumour spread fast after the clan began falling apart.


The actual power of the blade is not known; the legend has it that Shigematsu’s soul is with anyone who masters the sword and will serve them in any way commanded. It was also believed that no one whose soul isn’t as pure as Kirigakure’s snow will ever be able to use the sword at its fullest power. Whether this was true or not has never been discovered because of Mayumi herself not being able to use it to the full, and as nothing more but as a simple sword.


The built of the sword was extremely impressive once discovered and reassembled, and soon it was believed that indeed the blade must have been created from some sort of dragon-like creature, if not the actual Shigematsu himself. The handle is made from the beast’s tooth, the blade itself from the index right claw; the chains were made from its single hair. The covering of the handle is made from the skin of its tail.