Sanyu Kazan's safe house is an old, abandoned shrine located in a forest somewhere in the Land of Water that he maintains in the event that he needs to disappear. Inside, there is a mural of a giant tree with a woman holding a fruit. By pressing a secret switch on the mural, an entrance opens in the floors, leading to a hidden room. Inside this room is where Sanyu keeps a large store of weapons, preserved food, water, medicine and cloaks.

On the outside of the shrine, there are several several stone lanterns that Sanyu has outfitted with a technique that alerts him when somebody other than him has gotten close to the shrine. Some of these lanterns were later destroyed during Sanyu's fight with Arashi Tatsumaki outside of the shrine.

Currently the only people who know of the safe house's existence and location are Sanyu, Ikumi Tatsumaki, and their children, Nashi, Saizō and Shirako.


  • While he uses the shrine for his own needs, Sanyu has stated that he tries to not to break anything.
  • Sanyu has stated to Ikumi that he found the shrine on accident while on a reconnaissance mission.
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